Dog Lovers Interchangeable Magnetic Badge Reel With 3 Swappable Toppers

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Cute badge for dog lovers with 3 dog related badge tops.  Set includes 1 retractable black swivel badge reel with 3 interchangeable badge toppers. Makes a nice gift for any that has to display their ID for work or school. 

Save money by purchasing a set and then buy more badge toppers whenever you want a different look. Swap your topper to match your mood, clothes, job, or add a festive look for the holidays.

To add a badge topper to the reel: Simply center the badge topper over the reel and bring them together to create a strong magnetic connection.

To remove the badge topper from the reel: Simply make sure the badge topper is centered on the reel and pull apart to break the strong magnetic connection.



**********Not for anyone that wears a pacemaker**********
**********Contains small parts*********
**********Keep away from children*********

Do not allow children to play with the swappable badge toppers. They are small and could be swallowed.
Do not allow children to play with the badge reel. It has an affixed magnet that could become dislodged and swallowed if not properly taken care of.  Diane Tu Getit is not responsible for any damage or injuries that may occur if caution isn't followed.  Buyer assumes all responsibility.